Address selection committee: g. Petropavlovsk, str. Н. Nazarbayev 262, educational building №1, reading room

mode: from 9.00 to 18.00, dinner with 13.00 to 14.00

Graduates of schools and colleges, and wishing to obtain a second secondary special education:

The list of specialties of Peter and Paul Construction Economics College


The list of documents required for admission
  1. Statement
  2. Certificate, certificate, diploma (original)
  3. Medical certificate number 086 (Disabled groups I and II and disabled children ITU conclusion), flyurosnimok
  4. 4 size photos 3h4sm
  5. Certificate on results of uniform national testing ( UNT)(при его наличии)
  6. vaccination card
  7. Documents about the attitude to conscription
  8. copy sp. personality, IIN
  9. The identity card of a parent (photocopies)
  10. Characteristics of school (original)

reference Information:
consultation schedule(link)

Days of entrance exams

Standards entrance exams specializing in physical culture and sport(Ref)