Vnutrikolledzhny WorldSkills Competition

11 February 2016 at the Resource Center, created on the basis of the Peter and Paul Construction and Economics College, WorldSkills Competition held vnutrikolledzhny – contest of professional skills "Best in Profession".
The Message "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform, development "of 30 November 2015 the President of the NA. Nazarbayev addressed the young people of Kazakhstan, He urged young generation to master working professions. And this trend international scale. And the proof of that was successfully launched an international non-profit movement - WorldSkills, has become the world's largest professional skills competition.
The contest was held in three competency: "Brickwork", "Tiles" and "Welding work". Students had to perform a practical task. According to the results vnutrikolledzhnogo WSK competition were distributed as follows:
Competence "Welding work"
I place - Ivan Chaban, g. 261
II place -Black Sergei, g. 261
III place – Cyril Lauer, g. 262
Competence "Facing tiles"
I place - Nurlan Kushkeev - 343gr.
I place - Қoyshibay Nұrgali - 343gr.
II place - Korobeynikov Yefim – 343 g.
II place - Vitaly Bespalov -251 g.
III place – Valeri Bespalov -251 g.
Competence "Masonry"
I place - Ivkin Vladislav - 211 g.
II place - Alexander Zvolinsky – 211 g.
II place - t he Daniyar- 211 g.
III place – Valery Chernichenko – 311 g.
This contest of professional skills was the preparation for the Regional Championship WorldSkills. and winners of the contest will represent vnutrikolledzhnogo construction Petropavlovsk-Economic College at the WSK championship, startuyuschem 24 February.