Vnutrikolledzhny Championship WorldSkills -2017

27 February 2017 Peter and Paul, in the construction and Economic College went vnutrikolledzhny Championship WorldSkills. The opening of the competition was held in a solemn obstanovkes invitation to the social partners and veterans technical and vocational education (a photo 1). The championship was held in five competencies: "Cook's affair", "Brickwork", "Facing tiles", "Welding Technology", "Network and system administration". The already traditional professional skills contest, students had to demonstrate a level of practical knowledge generated, professional skills. The undisputed leader in competency steel:
• «Masonry" – Teterenko Vladimir student 211 g. (a photo 2);
• «Welding technologies" – Beksultanov Sultan student 362 groups (a photo 3),
• «Cook's case" Grand – When he was awarded the student group 427 Dubinin Aleksandr;
• «Network and System Administration" became the leader of Roman Galik, student 318 groups;
• «Plastering» – Kosher Duman student 251 groups (a photo 4).
Leaders vnutrikolledzhnogo championship will defend the honor of the college at the Regional Championships WorldSkills Kazahstan.