Vnutrikolledzhny championship WorldSkils-2019

At the Department of skilled workers with 18 by 21 February took vnutrikolledzhny WorldSkils Kazahstan championship which was held in six categories "Masonry", "Facing tiles", "Welding Technology", "Locksmith", "Paint and plaster dekoratyvnaya", "Plumbing work"

The winners are the championship:
-"Brickwork" – Gunya Mikhail student 263 g.
-"Welding Technology" – Ruslan Korotkov 262 g.
-"Facing tiles" – Kapizov Damir 351 g.
-"Locksmith" – Igor Demin 261 g.
-"Paint and plaster dekoratyvnaya" – Maksim Gorbunov 223 g.
-"Plumbing work" – Busko Savely 161 g.

Leaders vnutrikolledzhnogo championship will defend the honor of the college at the Regional Championships WorldSkils Kazahstan