Year of Kazakhstan People's Assembly.

6 February 2015 Peter and Paul, in construction - Economic College was launched by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

As part of this action have been held: solemn line, radiolineyka, thematic class hours on: "Start of the Assembly of Kazakhstan".
our college students participated in the national campaign "2015 - Year of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan", held in NKSU.

Thematic class hours, dedicated to the start of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Cool team leaders told the students about the idea of ​​creation and the formation of the Assembly, about its fundamental goals and objectives.

The groups were shown a presentation, which reflects the formation of a unique model of interethnic and inter-confessional accord - Kazakhstan People's Assembly - the only, which has no analogues in the world.
College students with interest watched a number of videos on the Forum held the Peoples of Kazakhstan, the Assemblies, Assembly on the work of ethno-cultural associations.
The basic idea was the theme of video support and integration of efforts of ethnocultural associations, helping to revive, preservation and development of national cultures, languages ​​and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.
College students with interest a presentation, are prepared their classmates, exchanged views, They answered the questions and recited poems in different languages: Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar.