Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The management and staff of the Petropavlovsk Construction and Economics College congratulates all Kazakhstanis on the National Day, a significant event for all citizens of our country - the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

25 years ago, 30 August, the people of Kazakhstan made their historic choice, the main meaning of which is to build a democratic, secular, legal and social state, whose highest values ​​are man, his life, rights and freedoms. This is one of the main factors for the successful economic and political development of Kazakhstan., guarantor of equal rights and opportunities for all Kazakhstanis. The constitution approved social and political unity, harmony and stability as key values ​​of our society. Our Constitution is a powerful factor in the further implementation of the modernization process, strengthening democratic principles, growth in the well-being of citizens and consolidation of society on the way of promoting Kazakhstan among the 30 developed countries of the world.

Our country has vast territories, it is home to many different nationalities and ethnic groups. We live in peace and harmony, strive for self-realization, wellbeing, increasing welfare. The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan guarantees and ensures the freedom of every citizen of the country.

I congratulate you on the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan! May our main values ​​grow stronger from year to year - Independence, Unity and Stability. I sincerely wish you good health, success in work and new achievements for the benefit of independent Kazakhstan! Peace and prosperity to our common home!