First President's Day

First of December Kazakhstanis celebrate the Day of the First President of our country. feast established, To celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievements of the First President of the Republic and to all the people.
In the Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College have been scheduled events, devoted to Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The most significant was the grand ruler and radiolineyka, combined class hours, extra-curricular activities "Favorite songs Elbasy", and the opening of the rink kolledzhnogo, which has been filled in as soon as possible. sports tournaments and competitions were held, dedicated to the First President. Also, college students have become active participants in all urban and regional events, who were confined more public holiday. College students attended a festive flash mob, attended the conferences and round tables, excursion was organized in historical museum, where he first exhibited the "Hall of the first President", They visited military unit 6637, where the holiday "Day of the recruit" was organized.