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23 November at the assembly hall of the college for the first time in many years held a game of KVN among first-year students. The game was dedicated to the upcoming Year of Youth declared by the President of the country NA. Nazarbayev, in his letter of 5 October 2018 Year and Day of the student, which is celebrated annually 17 November. On stage, the following commands were: «3D Active"(accounting department), "Reservoir builders' (Department of skilled workers), "The national team of sober people" (Department of "Jurisprudence") and "Bazaar NO" (technology Office).Guest and member of the jury was fair Gizatullina Lily Rashidovna - Specialist Youth Resource Center of the North-Kazakhstan oblast, Head of the North-Kazakhstan volunteer corps, as well as the head of the KVN Club at the Youth Resource Center of the North-Kazakhstan oblast. In the course of the game the team competed in the scholarship, wit and jokes and creativity, giving viewers a charge of good mood. Bright and original performances were all the teams, but the best was the team of "Mad builders', taking 1 a place. 2 place took the team "Team sober people" and 3 place was the team «3D Active".

Congratulations! We wish all the creative achievements and personal growth!