Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established in 1932 year. This is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. At first it was a Veterinary College, which had 1 learning Campus, 4 study groups and the hostel and train semi-skilled specialists for livestock farming – zootehnikov and vettehnikov. The first release of experts was made in 1936 year.

the first building and Veterinary College in the 30-ies of XX century

FROM 1941 by 1943 Petropavlovsk years Veterinary College in connection with the needs of the front was merged with Lenin selhoztehnikum, located in the village of Pokrovka , former Leninsky district.
FROM 1 October 1943 year college restored again with a new set of boys and girls at the expense of state farms area. Technical schools have returned one of the buildings of educational building, where study groups are located, boys hostel, canteen, one of the dormitory buildings, used as a library and a women's dormitory. When the college was organized by the preparatory group with a one-year training period, It can be combined due to the Kazakh nationality youth, uneducated 5-6 classes and living in the state farms.

building college in 40 years of the twentieth century

After the restoration of the first issue of students took place in 1946 year.
The first set in the accounting department in place 1950 year and 1956 the technical school was renamed in the balance. Animal science and vettehniki were transferred to Semipalatinsk selhoztehnikum.
The interests of the national economy require not only accounting staff, but those skilled in the field of economy and construction. FROM 1959 year in college begins training planners, which was conducted with a slight break up 1998 year and 1962 year of technical school was enshrined Accounting and Economics Name.

Teachers accounting department at the demonstration 1956 year

Petropavlovsk Accounting and Economics College becomes a real source of economic frames.

building of Accounting and Economics College in 50-60 years of the twentieth century

AT 1967 year it opens construction department, It enters into a new building on Krupskaya Street, and 1973 the building on the street. M.Zhumabayev with production workshops.

building of Accounting and Economics College of M.Zhumabayev street

for 43 years of the construction department issued more 3600 specialists, who work in state, joint-stock and private companies, engaged in the construction and operation of buildings and structures.

team building department teachers

Graduates of the construction department work:
– masters
– superintendents
– designers
– smetčikami
– KSK chairmen

protection of the degree project at the building department

They can organize their work on the remodeling and repair of apartments, a cafe, offices, shops.
Along with the diploma of technician-builder graduates are needed in our lives working specialties:
– a carpenter- joiner
– oblitsovshtik
– plasterer-painter
– mason

Students building separation on a field

AT 2007 year on the basis of the construction branch of the state educational order was carried out by a set of specialty:

welding workshop in college

"Installation and operation of the internal plumbing and ventilation devices"
The objects of professional plumbing technician is:
* maintenance of sanitary installations
* ventilation of industrial and residential premises
* boiler installations
These professions in demand in the labor market and their training is conducted under the state order more 7 years. Over the years created the conditions for the passage of the training practice (welding department, joinery, Building Materials Laboratory, Laboratory course and diploma projects, where there are modern programs: Correll and Compass, but for practical training contracts with the social partners (TOO «Lyra», Number of 'Kingdom', LLP "Basis", LLP "SevImstalkon" and others).
Received knowledge, skills students construction department realize the real design, the construction team "Monolith", in the repair of college facilities.
FROM 1991 year college began to prepare specialists in the field of law and in this regard, 1995 It was renamed the College of Economics and Law

meeting with the social partners department "Jurisprudence"

AT 1997 the college was renamed the Economic and merged with the College of Business and from that time the college began to train technicians -Technology catering.

Exhibition confectionery processing chamber

In June 2006 at the initiative of akim of North Kazakhstan region T.A.Mansurova College renamed the construction and economic.
In order to implement the State Program of TVE at this stage of construction Petropavlovsk-Economic College on the basis of SES provides training in the following specialties:
1401000 Construction and operation of buildings and structures
1403000 Installation and operation of the internal plumbing and ventilation devices
1226000 The technology and organization of catering products
0518000 Accounting and Auditing
1304000 Software computer technology and automated work
0716012 Banking
2001000 Jurisprudence
FROM 2009-2010 school year, taking into account the demand for professionals in the labor market, as part of the Government program "Road Map" began training in new skills:
1412000 Building Products and Structures
1219000 Bakery, macaroni and confectionery products
508000 catering service
0516000 Finance
1408000 Construction and operation of urban Railways
FROM 1 September 2010 year under the government program "Business Road Map" in the college opened the specialty necessary for our region, in particular, by the order of the enterprise "Esil Su":
1404000 Purification plant water and wastewater systems

qualified experienced teachers work in college, there are 40 classrooms and laboratories, 7 computer classes, fitness, gym and two playing halls, educational cafe, shooting range, library, Assembly Hall, workshops, dormitory.

Life is full of college students of diverse extra-curricular activities: operate various sections, interest clubs, amateur clubs, created theater studio "Bolashak".
College Students take prize-winning places in city, regional and national competitions, essay contest and abstracts, projects, sports competitions, festivals amateur. In college, there are old, good traditions and continuity of generations.

Peter and Paul building construction and economic college in the XXI century