Results of the week CIP information disciplines

Results of the week CIP information disciplines


FROM 11 by 15 November construction Petropavlovsk-Economic College was held the week of information sciences.

11 November 2019 Peter and Paul, in the construction and economic college within the week subject CIP information disciplines for the first time held remote Olympiad among schoolchildren 9-11 Classes for Web Programming.

Olympics held in the online mode, as a test. Questions were related to the practical application of a variety of web programming technologies. In total in the competition took part 13 pupils of secondary schools number 4, №8, №21.

Despite the complexity of the test tasks, Contest participants have shown good results. Prizes won following students:

busy place member Name Number of points School, class Full name of the head
1 Vladislav Kulikov 19 PS №21, 11 BUT Ospanov Baurzhan Dawletovïç
1 Sochivko Bogdan Vladimirovich 19 PS 8, 9 AT Abramkina Tatiana
2 Makarov Nikita Ivanovich 17 PS 8, 9 AT Filipenko Nadezhda
3 Janis Sherkhan Maratovich 14 PS 8, 9 class Abramkina Tatiana
3 Yakovlev Alexey 14 PS 4, 11 class Ruselevič Nikolaj Francevic


12 November, within weeks of the subject Lutsevich T.B. It was held open lesson on "Graphic features a word processor MS Word» in the group 127.

На занятии студенты ознакомились с основными терминами, after explaining the new material independently perform tasks of a professional orientation on the options for computers.

Also 12 November was held a round table on: "Safety on the Internet". The event was attended by a group 112,122,117. Students prepared reports, dedicated to the safety rules in the Internet.

13 November open lesson held Ashkenova SH.A. Lesson contained elements CLIL methodologies.
14 On November 1 "Computer" tournament was held among students. The Contest 7 held in the period. 1-period. "Trial"
2-period. "competition!”
3-period. "Seven people know the language," "Polyglot"
4-period. "Lost letters"
5-period. "I thought, face!”
6-period. Contest "Buzkashi"
7-period. "Word find, No aortic!”
The students showed their enthusiasm and knowledge of computer science. At the end of the contest, participants awarded certificates. 1-place 132 a group of a group of "students" Alğırlar, 2-place 133 a group of students awarded a group of "Google".

Within a week of information disciplines 14 November teachers Nurmukanovoy DA. and Mursalimovoy SH.S. were held a debate on the theme "We and gadgets". Engage groups 218 and 212 accounting department.
The aim of the debate was to raise students' level of adaptation to the conditions of modern society, requires the ability to compete, to debate, to defend their interests.
Speakers brought arguments to his own position and put questions to their opponents. According to the results of the debate participants received letters of appreciation and certificates for their active participation and defense of their interests.
The final event of the week was the subject regional scientific-practical conference "Information technologies as the factor of modernization of TVE", which discussed the benefits of innovation and ICT in the educational process. At the beginning of the conference the participants were awarded with diplomas remote Olympiad on web programming and their leaders.
Following the conference compiled a collection of materials. Link to a collection.