"My impetus to the development to joke"

30-31 October of the current year Mr.. Pavlodar sostoyalsya Respwblïkanskïy Contest "My impetus to the development to joke", which was attended by students of the Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College Zhanbolat Іңkәr and Polat Kүlash led by Kelbakh NM. Gorbachev SA. The competition was held in five competencies, Our participants were fighting for victory in the competence of the "chef's case". performed 4 module:

1. Figured slicing vegetables with elementvmi carving

2. Warm salad with meat

3. Grilled filet mignon with vegetables and sauce

4. Brewing ring with cream

According to the results of the contest Kүlash Polat won the third prize, He was awarded the diploma of the third stpeni, medal and a valuable gift (Fitness Watches).