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Golubev AP.
English for technical specialties = English for Technical Colleges : textbook for stud.uchrezhdeny sredprof.obrazovaniya / A.P. Golubev, A.P. Korzhavykh, I.B. Smirnova. - 9-in ed., Sr.. - M.: Publishing Center "Academy", 2018. – 208 from.
ISBN 978-5-4468-6756-1
The textbook is designed in accordance with state educational standards secondary vocational education in technical professions, "Foreign language".
It presents the basic commonly used conversational topics, dialogues and tasks to them. Accessible presentation of the basics of phonetics and grammar in Russian, available for training exercises allow the use of a primer. A separate section - "professional roles" – up topics, directly related to the future work of the educational institution graduates.
For students of secondary vocational education institutions.
thermal engineering: textbook for stud.uchrezhdeny / MG. Shatrov, I.E. Ivanov, SA. Prishvin et al.; ed. MG. Şatrova. - 3-e ed., Sr., – M.: Publishing Center "Academy", 2013.- 288 from. – (Ser.Bakalavriat)
ISBN 978-5-7695-9543-1
The textbook is designed in accordance with state educational standards of the bachelor degree program "Transport operations" and "Operation of transport and technological machines and systems".
The basic concepts and laws of thermodynamics and their implementation in the analysis of the thermodynamic processes in the engine combustion cycles, steam power plant, loops in refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The basic position of the heat transfer process, characteristics of different types of heat transfer, their realization in the heat transfer in heat exchangers and. Describes fuel and energy resources consumers, energy savings, approaches to energy saving, The ecological problems of power. 

Chemicals for trades and technical professions Profile: textbook for stud.uchrezhdeny / O.S. Gabrielyan, ug. Ostroumov. - 7-e ed., sr.- M.: Publishing Center "Academy", 2018. – 272 with., (8)

ISBN 978-5-4468-6783-7

The textbook is designed to meet the requirements of state educational standards of general secondary and secondary vocational education, as well as the profile of vocational education.

At a basic level, the theoretical foundations of chemistry outlined, the issues of the main classes of inorganic materials chemistry. Particular attention is paid to properties, Industrial methods for the preparation and application of the technique of metals and nonmetals. The properties of, preparation and uses of organic compounds. Given checklists, task and calculation tasks. Recommendations for laboratory experiments and practical work in general, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

For students professionalnyhoobrazovatelnyh organizations, mastering professions and specialties of secondary vocational education.

Reconstruction and restoration of buildings and technical facilities : Textbooks for stud.uchrezhdeny / AF. Yudin. - 6-e ed., corr. - M.: Publishing Center "Academy", 2019. – 320 from.

ISBN 978-5-4468-7524-5

The textbook is designed in accordance with state educational standards secondary vocational training in technical specialties "Organization of activities in the operation and renovation construction projects", "Reconstruction of buildings and structures", "Construction and operation of buildings and structures".

The problems of reconstruction of civil buildings, including basic definitions and concepts, principles of design and survey of buildings and structures, strengthening and replacement of structures; construction and installation works under reconstruction: preparatory (dismantling, Dismantling and demolition of building structures), earthworks, piling, mounting, concrete works, as well as work on strengthening and supporting structures replaced. We consider safety of work in the diagnosis of buildings and structures, in the manufacture of excavation, assembly and dismantling under reconstruction.

For students of secondary vocational education institutions.