Information about the hostel building of Petropavlovsk-economic college

Peter and Paul the hostel building and economic college is located at

▪ street. Valikhanova,15.

▪ Dorm -1.

▪ Total area - 3180 m.kv.

▪ Design capacity -270 human.

Rooms for accommodation - 91, area 18 m. quarter. Each room is home for 3 man, which corresponds to sanitary norms.

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In the hostel there:

– kitchen - 4, equipped with plates;

-room hygiene on each floor

– laundry - 3 floor, 3 машинки автомат – время работы: daily 12.00 to 20.00.

-прачечная -2 floor,оборудована 2 машинками автомат- время работы с 9.00 to 21.00

– restroom – 1, equipped with TV,караоке центром, fiction, media publications. Events are held with 20.00 to 22.00 on Thursdays and weekends. Many students at the time of self involved in the break room.

Имеются информационный стенд, It displays the dorm life, namely: daily regime, timetable, shift schedule, different types of ads.

At the time of settlement with each student contract on accommodation. Payment per month 3500 n. the cashier at the hostel takes place kolledzha.Vselenie 31 August.

The hostel is equipped with a fire alarm, CCTV.

The hostel access system. Pass for each student is issued simultaneously with the contract. All students are placed in the temporary registration.

Every summer at the hostel made cosmetic repairs. Complete replacement of windows, It took place in 3 phase, partially replaced doors (54). Recently, during the actual design repaired in 12 rooms.

All life is subject to the rules in the hostel accommodation, which are displayed in the Provision of accommodation in a hostel PSEK, Regulations have been developed and approved by the school's administration director.

In the autumn-winter period the hostel closes for security reasons 21.00, in spring and summer in 22.00. The hostel organized watch college teachers and police officer.

For a more efficient operation of the Board elected dorm, who is the assistant to the teachers and the entire administration.

Проводятся заседания Совета общежития, which will address issues of compliance with the rules of residence. All decisions of the Council of the hostel posted on the bench for public inspection. Meetings with IDN, district inspector on legal compliance, numerous meetings with medical staff.

hostel students attend vocal circle, Weightlifting Hall, takes up boxing, Futsal, basketball, voleybolom, Play chess and togyz kumalak.

dorm Council at the beginning of the school year announced a competition for the best room. Итоги подводятся каждый квартал

Close ties with the curators, parents of students, living in a dormitory.