Online – procession of the "Immortal regiment"

Friends, teachers and students Peter and Paul College of Economics в предверии 75- Anniversary of Great Victory take part in online – procession of the "Immortal regiment". His task is to perpetuate the feat of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, preserving the memory of the valor and heroism of the people, understanding the experience of heroic ancestors, restoration of continuity of generations. Формой реализации идеи « Бессмертного полка» , choose creation “Battle sheets”.

Huge thanks за поддержку и оказанную помощь в создании видеоролика выражаем коллегам, students, their relatives, а также городскому Совету ветеранов.

Hope, that the business we started will become an annual tradition and a good school patriotism, bringing up more than one generation of youth.

Peter and Paul College of Economics and Economics invites educational institutions of the region and republic accept participation в данном проекте