Branch of skilled workers

Specialty: 1401000 «Construction and operation of buildings and structures "Qualification:1401042 "Plasterer"
Feature works. Execution of works of average difficulty plastering surfaces and plaster repairs.

Must know: Compositions and methods for preparing decorative solutions, solutions for special purposes plasters and concretes gunning. Types and properties of retarders and accelerators. The properties of solutions with chemical additives (chloride solutions, solutions with the addition of potash, calcium chloride) and rules for handling them. The methods of making improved plaster. Methods surfaces promayachivaniya. The device mortar, cement-gun and nozzles to them. The device trowels. Requirements for quality plastering work. Mechanized methods and deposition solutions shotcrete surfaces.

Work examples. Promayachivanie surfaces. Applying the plaster on the surface using mortar. Improved plastering manually rectilinear wall surfaces, ceiling, smooth columns, pilaster, niches with slopes, beams of constant section and repair improved plaster. plastering slopes, zaglushiny timetable. Pulling coving with bunching angles. Claydite nakryvki device under high color. Cutting joints between precast concrete floor slabs, wall panels. Finishing husks and Usenkov. Mechanized applying the solution to the plastered surfaces. smoothing surfaces. Finishing slopes precast elements. Plastering chambers ducts and channels steel mesh. Cement plaster surface. Casting slabs and installation of ventilation ducts complex shape. Installation and mounting frame for valves and shutters. Installation of residential ventilation with verification of their actions and strengthening the suspension and brackets. Preparation decorative mortars and plasters, solutions for special purposes (waterproofing, gas-barrier, zvukopohloschayuschyh, thermostable, rentgenonepronitsaemyh et al.) of ready recipes. Mechanized grout finishing layer.

Training period:

the base 9 classes 2 of the year 10 months

( form of training - budget)

Specialty: 1401000 "Construction and operation of buildings and structures"
qualification 1401012 "Mason"
Feature works. Execution of works of average difficulty with stone masonry construction and repair of buildings, bridges, industrial and hydraulic installations.

Must know: ways masonry medium complexity. Methods of simple masonry walls with simultaneous facing. Methods masonry lightweight construction. Methods of laying of glass blocks. Methods of assembly of prefabricated elements and the average weight parts. Lifting and methods of fastening elements mountable. Reinforcement of brick walls and partitions.

Work examples.

  1. 1. Building and industrial construction.

Masonry walls average complexity of bricks and small blocks under the plaster or grouting masonry campaign. Laying of simple walls with simultaneous facing. Masonry walls of simple lightweight construction. Installation in brick buildings of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, partitions, staircases, sites, balcony slabs, steps. Installation balcony window and door frames and blocks, window sills and plates. Arrangement of partitions of brick, as well as from gipsoshlakovyh and other plates. Grouting previously lined with masonry. Konopatka and filling joints in the precast slabs and coverings. Stacking steel members and parts of the clutch. Masonry walls and foundations of crushed stone under the shoulder blade. Masonry wells and reservoirs of constant cross section of rectangular section. Dismantling of brick arches of all kinds. Repair surfaces of brick walls svylomkoy unusable bricks and new bricks embedded in compliance with the dressing seams with an old masonry. Repair and replacement of individual sections of brick and rubble foundations in existing buildings. Changing drip plates and individual steps of stairways. Installation of ventilation units. Masonry construction of glass blocks. The device is in a stone building fills openings and walls of glass profilita. Installation of asbestos cement pipes for garbage.

  1. 2. Bridges and waterworks.

Laying foundations and bridge piers. Masonry walls connecting jaw supports. Masonry walls of the rectilinear surface and cordon stones port facilities. Installation of precast concrete elements and structures of average weight, used in the construction of stone bridges and waterworks.

Training period:

the base 9 classes 2 of the year 10 months

( form of training - budget)

Specialty: 1401000 "Construction and operation of buildings and structures"

qualification 1401242 "The Master Builder generalist"

Master builder wide profile - Skilled Worker, engaged in the construction of housing, Civil and industrial facilities.

Master builder wide profile can work on construction sites the city and region, to the Housing Authority to furnish industrial, residential, cultural and community buildings.
Job Wizard features a large number of manual operations. Therefore, quantitative and qualitative indicators of labor depends on the worker's skill.
As part of the profession five specialties:


armaturschyk ;

In this way, professional duties, performed by an employee, can be divided into general-professional and special, inherent in a particular specialty (mason, plasterer, welder, armaturschyk, mason).

The content of labor

The duties of the master builder of a wide profile includes:

Masonry walls average complexity of bricks and small blocks under the plaster or grouting masonry campaign (mason);

Preparation (alignment) surfaces and works on plastering (plasterer);

Preparation of the solutions. Laying of concrete in the columns, walls, beams, plate, bridge piers. (mason);

Execution of reinforcement works of medium difficulty. Manufacturing of products of carcases. (armaturschyk);

Manual arc welding machines of medium complexity parts, knots, structures and pipelines from structural steels in all positions of the weld. Manual flame cutting. (welder)
In this way, The main objective of the master generalist - masonry walls, plastering surfaces, preparation of solution, laying the concrete mix, binding reinforcement cages, cutting and welding metals, finish internal and external surfaces of buildings and structures.
Work master builder has a wide profile organization, in which he, usually working as a team, its labor task performs individually.
Functionally, the master is the executor, but distributes the load and changes the ways of doing their work on their own.
Contact the master generalist numerically small and short-term - with team members, customers.
Responsibility of the master builder of a wide profile of increased material – for technologically correct and purposeful use of working materials.
Master builder generalist performs its work in a comfortable environment – in room, and outdoors. The ratio of time working indoors or outdoors depending on the nature of the manufacturing jobs. The main working posture - standing, often bent.

Psychophysiological tension in the work of a specialist can make the following factors:
physical exercise (long, repetitive physical effort for a change);
the inconvenience of working postures ;
the impact of complex natural and seasonal climatic conditions (cold, heat, wind, humidity, etc.);
the impact of the specific working conditions (toxic fumes, excess moisture);
ability to work, associated with sudden danger and risk to life (work at height, power tools);
Increased liability

Profession requirements for individual capacity SPECIALIST

physical endurance;
spatial visualization ability;
spatial imagination;
ability to concentrate and focus distribution;;
camera eye;
Endurance of the vestibular apparatus (sense of balance);
ability of color discrimination.

Profession requirements to personal abilities and qualities SPECIALIST
personal organization;
a responsibility;
artistic taste.

medical contraindications
The wizard of finishing construction works is not recommended for people with diseases:
locomotor system;
visual and auditory analyzers;
gastrointestinal tract.

Training period:

the base 9 classes 2 of the year 10 months

( form of training - budget)

Specialty: 1403000 "Installation and operation of internal sanitary devices, ventilation and engineering systems "

qualification: 14003082 "Welder"

Feature works. Manual arc and plasma welding machines of medium complexity parts, knots, structures and pipelines from structural steels, cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys and complex parts, knots, structures and pipelines made of carbon steels in all positions of the weld. Manual flame cutting (stroganie) complex critical parts of the high-carbon, special steels, iron and nonferrous metals, welding of cast iron. Surfacing heated cylinders and tubes, defects of machine parts, mechanisms and structures. Surfacing complex parts, nodes and complex tools. Reading DRAWINGS complex welded steel structures.

Must know: varying device electrofusion apparatus; especially welding and arc cutting AC and DC; welding technology products in a controlled atmosphere chambers; basic laws of electrical engineering in the range of work; testing methods of welds; types of defects in the welds and methods for their prevention and elimination; principles of selection instrument welding mode; brands and types of electrodes; the mechanical properties of welded metal.

Work examples. apparatus of, vessels and carbon steel container, operating without pressure – welding. tanks transformers – welding of pipes, welding boxes under conclusions, cooler boxes, current installations and tanks caps. Ballerı steering, brackets of propeller shafts – fusing. Cylinder blocks of engines of automobiles – fusing shells in castings. crankshafts – welding necks. Inserts bronze and brass – welding on steel bearings. The headset and body boiler burners – welding. stainless steel sheet metal details, aluminum or copper alloy – gas-electric cutting bevel edges. Details of iron – welding, fusing with heated and unheated. Details of steel sheet thickness over 60 mm – Cutting manually marking. Parts and components of non-ferrous metals – welding, followed by pressure test. wagon retarders – welding and fusing the nodes in the operating conditions. The teeth of the gears, cast iron – fusing. Products made of thin-walled non-ferrous alloys (cover air coolers, end shields, fans turbogenerators) – navarka brass or silumin. Large cast iron products: frame, pulleys, flywheel, gears – fusing shells and cracks. Cams hydraulic turbine impellers – welding and fusing. Construction of blast furnaces (coats, air heaters, pipelines) – cutting bevel edges. Carcasses of industrial furnaces and boilers – welding. Carters for large motors and mechanical transmission housing locomotives – welding. Carters motors lower – welding. pole coil electrical machines flat copper – welding and welding jumpers. The collectors and the gas outlet pipe – welding. Rings regulating hydraulic turbines – welding and fusing. Housing and bridges leading wheels header – welding. compressor housing, Cylinder Low and high pressure air compressor – fusing cracks. rotors to vessel diameter 3500 mm – welding. Housings stop valves turbines up 25000 kW – welding. housing brush holder, segments reverses, rotor motors – fusing. Fixing support for pipelines and – welding. Mounts and brackets pivot bogie locomotive – welding. Sheets of large thickness (armor) – welding. masts, drilling rigs and maintenance – welding shop conditions. Furniture aluminum – welding. Plates fundamental large electric machines – welding. Podkosы, half-axis aircraft rack chassis – welding. heaters – welding holder, hot-water pipe cage, cone, rings and flanges. Bearings and bushings boxen, drawbar – fusing and fusing of the frame cracks. Pistons pneumatic hammers – fusing shells and cracks. Pylegazovozduhoprovody, fuel assemblies and electrostatic precipitators – welding. Frames spool, pendulums – welding. Frames illuminator aluminum alloy – welding. frame conveyors – welding. Reservoirs air trolley – welding. Tanks for oil products with a capacity of less than 1000 m – welding. Rail butt joint – welding in operational conditions. Rails and cross teams – fusing all. Metal screens single and twisted for pulp and paper production – soldering ends with silver solder. Staninы drobilok – welding. Frame and body welded-cast electric cars – welding. Large cast iron machine bed – welding. Frame work stands of rolling mills – fusing. Stators air-cooled turbogenerators – welding. Under tube sensors with radioisotope – fusing. Tube elements of boilers, bronelisty etc.. – hot straightening. Both indoor and outdoor water supply and district heating – welding in the assembly. Pipelines external and internal networks of low pressure gas supply – welding shop conditions. pipe, drill – welding joints. technological pipelines 5 categories – welding. infilling in framework areas, communication, lights, purlins, Monorails – welding. Cutters and punches complex – welding and fusing HSS and carbide. refrigerators brass – welding seams under pressure to a hydraulic test at 2,5 MPa (24,2 atm). Cylinders motor blocks – fusing shells. tank car – welding. balls, tanks and floats from special aluminum alloys – welding.

Training period:

the base 9 classes 2 of the year 10 months

( form of training - budget)