Branch of jurisprudence

Specialty: "Jurisprudence"

Peter and Paul Construction and Economics College - the only public institution in the field of, which first began in 1991 year training in the specialty "Jurisprudence".

FROM 2002 , the department provides training in the official language.

Our specialty is always in demand, it gives prospects for professional growth and wide scope of applications in various areas of our economy.

Teachers of department provide solid knowledge and the opportunity to become qualified to work in law enforcement and on different forms of ownership enterprises: prosecutors, court, tax authorities, customs, the police, registry office, bodies of social protection of the population, lawyers to resolve commercial disputes, employees of personnel services, referents managers at all levels. Reviews of practical training received by graduates of department suggests a skilled training in the walls of the college.

Particularly in demand in the labor market of our graduates, studying the state language. They almost all are employed, except those, who continue their studies in higher education institutions.

Practical training of students in the department are the city and the area of ​​law enforcement which have signed the tripartite agreement, and with 2009 , the department has successfully cooperated with the regional military prosecutor's office and the transport prosecutor's office. This collaboration provides the opportunity for additional practice by the students 3 courses on office and opens a number of new opportunities for them.

our college graduates to 80 % provide the courts administrator efficiency, civil and criminal courts, the police, notary offices. It is in these organizations need lawyers middle managers (court clerks, notary assistants, clerks, bailiffs), where hundreds of our graduates work in different parts of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Training period:

the base 9 classes 2 of the year 10 months

the base 11 classes 1 year 10 months

( form of training - commercial)

Documents required for admission:

  1. Education document ( original)
  2. Medical certificate (form 086U) with flyurosnimkom
  3. vaccination card
  4. 6 photos 3x4
  5. Identification, birth certificate ( original and photocopies)
  6. The document about the attitude to conscription ( presented personally)
  7. Photocopy of identity card of a parent
  8. Characteristics of the school (original)

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