Round table discussion: "The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet"

14 September at the Center for Peace and Reconciliation of Petropavlovsk construction and economic College held a round table on the topic: "Kazakhstan's transition to the Latin alphabet" in the framework of the program become head of state, "Looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness ". Presentations were made by teachers and students honored the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the scientific- Expert Council of Kazakhstan People's Assembly of Dosmahambet Kalmahanuly Koshim. "The draft of the new alphabet will acquaint the public in November. Scientists are guided by the criteria of a sound, one letter ",- skazal Dosmaxamʙet Kalmaxanulы Koşim. During the discussion of the project was attended by teachers Zhumagaliev AS, Bektenova B.O., Akchurina EV, Ramazanov ST, Zhunusova SA, RE Tursanova, Karmanova BM. and students. Despite the different visions of the transition of writing in Kazakhstan, Opinions gathered agreed on one thing, that the Latin alphabet is only firmly strengthened in the daily life of our young generation.