quality Policy

Peter and Paul Construction and Economics College

Quality Policy

Петропавловский строительно-экономический колледж ставит целью оказание образовательных услуг с высоким качеством, based on consumer demands and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Деятельность Петропавловского строительно-экономического колледжа направлена на:

-provision of educational services at the level of, dictated by the development of the economy and the labor market in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements;

-improving educational services, the use of new forms of education on the basis of information technologies;

-training and staff development, motivation and quality of its productive labor;

-sustainable economic and financial situation of the college, workers welfare, saving and efficient use of resources;

-create safe working conditions at the workplace, reducing the risks of occupational accidents and diseases;

-the constant improvement of the quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

All employees of the College shall be responsible for the implementation of this Policy, providing a high quality of work as part of their official duties.

Graduate College leadership agrees to comply with this Policy, allocate the necessary resources for this purpose, encourage initiative college workers, improve the quality, efficiency and safety.