Library Rules

Library Rules



  1. The right to use the library, students have full-time and correspondence courses, teachers and college staff.
  2. The main types of library services are free of charge.
  3. Issuance of literature on the house made on the subscription. Do not be extradited to the house last or only copy. In the reading rooms you can use the literature without the right to removal.
  4. Record readers to the library on presentation of the document, identification reader belonging to the organization of education: for students - student card, for teachers, employees and other categories of readers – identity card.
  5. When the library records the reader acquainted with the rules of the library and the library fills Form.
  6. On disposal of the institution readers return to its outstanding library editions of these.
  7. Upon receipt books, other printed and other materials readers carefully look through publications and in case of detection of any defects inform the librarian, otherwise liable for damage to books it carries the reader, enjoyed the last edition.
  8. readership, violating the terms of use, or causing damage to the library, bear administrative, material and criminal liability in the forms, stipulated by the current legislation of RK, the rules of library use. For the loss of books, other printed and other materials from the library collections or causing them irreparable harm minors readers the responsibility of their parents or persons, loco.
  9. readership, responsible for any loss or damage of media, replace them with the same editions, or publications, recognized library equivalent.

2.TERMS OF USE Subscription

10.On the subscription literature is given at the house on the following dates:

-Literature on social sciences and humanities shall be issued for the school year;

-educational and methodical literature is issued for examination of the object with a mandatory re-registration within the prescribed period;

-research and further reading is given on 20 days in the amount of 2-3 books;

-Fiction is issued for no more than 20 days;

-readers can extend the period of use of combined house books, if they do not demand from other readers;

-shall not be extradited to the house last and only copy of the publication, stored in the fund;

-for each copy taken of the readers of signs on the reader or book logbook, when returning books reader painted signature repaid librarian;

-Part-time students are provided with the necessary literature for the intersessional period.

3.TERMS OF USE reading room

11.Issuance of books in the reading room is made on a student ticket.

12.Issuing a receipt books issued in the book the reader logbook each edition.

13.number of publications, issued in the reading room, not limited to.

14.encyclopedia, reference works, Rare and valuable books, periodicals, last and only copy shall be issued only in the reading room.

15.Make literature out of the reading room is forbidden. In case of violation of this rule, readers will lose the right to use the library for a period of, defined by the library administration, depending on the degree of violation.


16.Readers have the right to:

-free use of the main types of library and information services, provided by the library;

-get advice on finding and selecting information sources;

-use of Internet services and other information services in the presence of a library of electronic equipment.

17.Читатели обязаны:

-to obtain literature bring student ID and sign for each publication in a book or a reader's data card;

-take care of the books, other printed and other materials, and library assets;

-return obtained in publications Library in a timely manner.

18.The reader is not allowed:

-visit the library in outerwear;

-enter the reading room with the bags;

-to break the silence in the library premises;

-make of library books, I do not sign for them;

-spoil library edition (do they mark, emphasize, pull sheets, bent backs, etc.);

-remove the card from the card files and directories;

-to enter without permission in offices and stacks.


19.The library has the right to:

-continuously monitor the return of library books issued;

-recover from the readers of the real market value of lost or damaged media, and in case of persistent refusal to compensate the lost or damaged publication to go to court to recover their real market value.