Regional Championship of professional skills "WorldSkillsKazakhstan"

19 February 2015 at PSEKe hosted the Regional Championship of professional skills "WorldSkillsKazakhstan" among students and young professionals MSE over competence "chef's case", whose purpose is to promote working trades, improve the status and training standards and qualifications across the globe. Championship program included the grand opening, performing competitive tasks and summarizing. Competition was judged the best chef area: Dubinin, Yury Alexandrovich - member of the Guild of Russia and Kazakhstan chefs, Lazuhin Evgeny - Chef "Nomad",
Pidgorodetsky Stanislav V. - Chef "MulenRuzh" restaurant .tak also attended the competition honored guests: Gordeeva Natalia- Methodist Center methodical work in the service sector and Mamykin Evgeny Vladimirovich - a representative of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs SKO.Direktor college Ukhov ND. He made a welcoming speech, He congratulated and wished good luck to all participants. The competition was attended by technology students PSEKa, College Students Service Industry, as well as young professionals area.
The competition program consisted of the following tasks: hot dish made from several types of fish, preparing original dessert. The complexity of the competition is, that the contestants had to cook a dessert of products, who were in the "black box",te contestants acquainted with the list of products directly in the preparation.
Within three hours the contestants competing in the culinary skill. It assesses not only the quality of the executed dishes ,but also the external aesthetics and technology podachi.Konkursanty a creative approach to the implementation of tasks,food hit their creativity and originality nazvaniy.Naprimer,winner dish called "trio of fish" or "Rybomiks".
Competent and strict jury taste the dishes offered and issued its verdict.
The winners were:
3-place -Simonova Olga, young specialist, graduate 2014 year technology department PSEKa.
2-a place- Zeynikov Vyacheslav ,student 3 Course Technology department PSEKa.
The winner was Artem Ivanov- young specialist,graduate 2014 year technology department PSEKa. Artem will represent our region at the Republican contest in Astana.
The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. Other participants were awarded certificates and comforting prizami.Chleny jury and guests congratulated the participants of the contest, We wished them further success in their professional activities and expressed gratitude to the Petropavlovsk construction and economic college administration for organizing the competition and a high level of technical equipment of laboratory,which passed the practical part of the Regional Championship.