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Our time is called the "information age". Modern man must not only be able to read, write, speak, but also have information literacy, giving everyone the opportunity not only to receive information, but also be able to evaluate and apply it to yourself, make useful.

Library construction of Petropavlovsk-economic college – Critical information, cultural and educational center for teachers and college students.

total area Library 271 m. located on the first floor of the educational building №1, It consists of a subscription, Reading hall for 45 seats and stacks area 194 m.

To date, the college library book fund has sufficient, including educational fund, methodical and scientific literature in general, basic and majors on paper and electronic media. The library stock formed in accordance with the objectives of the educational process, as well as the information needs of users. acquired learning, methodical, scientific literature and periodicals. The book fund is 65362 эkz., including textbooks and methodical and scientific literature 58192 эkz., fiction 7170 эkz., training, methodical and scientific literature in the state language 6219 эkz. The library has a fund of electronic textbooks in the state and Russian languages.

The library provides information support for training – educational process. The activities of the college library contributes to the educational process, a culture of the individual student and to improve the efficiency of information services for the educational process by students of library and bibliographic services, teachers, disseminates knowledge, forming a bibliographic and information culture of students, improving at the same time traditional and developing new technology library.

The system of various forms of service takes important reference and bibliographic and information work. Bibliographic library work is in several directions: drawing up thematic folders (PEOPLE, remarkable events, President's message, etc.), bibliographies, issuance of bibliographic information, information work, propaganda bibliographic knowledge.

For wider acquaintance with his fund holds a library:

on schedule, in the month of September with the students of the first courses bibliographic lessons: "Getting to know the structure of the library", "Introduction to the special periodicals", "Basics of books and other printed publications", "Basics of reference - bibliographic apparatus", who completed a tour of the Library issuing textbooks.

informing readers about the admission of new literature: book exhibitions, bibliographic reviews, distribution of leaflets – new products, mailing on LAN. "Information Day" – exhibitions of open review of new literature in the field. At meetings of the Board are presented to the methodical publication of literature teachers and new items.

carried out at the request of bibliographic references in oral and written form. Sources of reference - periodicals, Online resources, The database "Law". All certificates are registered in the log book and bibliographical references in the library blog.

Library to memorable and significant dates are issued books and exhibitions for students with an overview of. permanent exhibitions: "The message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "New Literature" (training, periodicals), "The state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "The Constitution, the guarantor of the future", "We are for a healthy lifestyle", etc.. d.

One of the areas of the library is the production of bibliographic production: bibliographies, written bibliographic reference, bibliography on a particular topic, information - reference books, etc..

Much attention is paid to mass work, promotion of a culture of reading. The library held the event, aimed at patriotic, spiritual and moral, legal, aesthetic education of students. Subjects varied activities, but it focuses on significant and memorable dates.

In accordance with the work plan of the library organizes open views of literature, organization of book exhibitions, interview, library lessons, literary evenings, readers' conferences, round tables, presentations, Pick-up talks, Watch reflections, etc.. It has become popular events with the use of multimedia equipment with the introduction of new information technologies: Exhibition and exposition, presentations, information informative reviews and more.

Library provided access to the Internet, allowing students and teachers have the opportunity to obtain and share information with domestic and foreign educational institutions, libraries and organizations.

An important part of the library of the educational process is a computerized bibliographic catalog. The electronic catalog creating use of e-learning system

In the reading hall of the college library is open access to the resources of the Republican Intercollegiate electronic library. The information system provides a library RMEB, teaching staff, students to conduct exploration work on the electronic catalog of library resources, and provides a constant, continuous access to library and information, educational resources, digital libraries of other participants RMEB

The library serves all readers, in need of literature, presented her fund, as well as contributes to the formation in the information needs of readers, ensures completeness and timeliness of their requests, high culture of service, It creates conditions for work with sources of information.

Library works closely with the libraries of other educational institutions, Regional Universal Scientific Library. FROM. Mukanova, BTF them. ip. Shukhov and junior Library. D. Musrepova. Joint actions, exhibitions and tours.


Dear teachers and students!

We will be glad to see you within the walls of our library.


Monday Friday: 8.30 – 17.30

Break: 13.00 – 14.00

Saturday, Sunday: output.

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