Sport and health

Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College has the necessary base for the organization and conduct of sports activities. The material base of college complies with the regulatory requirements. The available two game gyms (12 x 24) m, Two adapted rooms: a gym (15,10 x 11,7) and athletic facilities, (10,25 x 11,65) M, ski lodge on 50 steam, sports town, hockey court (30 x 60), Treadmill 250 m, shooting range, obstacle course.

All material base is in a satisfactory condition.

Для ведения спортивно-массовой работы и участия сборных команд колледжа в городских и областных соревнованиях ежегодно обновляется спортивный инвентарь.

Systematically carried out mass sports activities, decade of sport, aimed at promoting health and improving the physical condition of the students. Sports and health work section by 21 sport. To maintain a healthy lifestyle among the faculty and staff, three times a week working group "Health".

Annually, there are sports events:

▪ Vnutrikolledzhnaya Games among students ;

▪ Участие в программе областной спартакиады «СУНКАР»;

PSEK- the only educational institution in the city, where you have all the necessary equipment for bullet shooting, and the competition is held in the city and region

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