Construction department

Construction department prepares mid-level professionals in the specialty "Construction and operation of buildings and structures", qualification "technician-builder" with 1967goda.

The objects of professional technician-builder are controls, Company building profile, design organizations, laboratory building, cooperatives of apartment owners, institutions of state and interstate Profile, various structures, are directly or indirectly related to the possible scope of activities of students in this specialty.

Full-time form of education, correspondence.

Training period:

the base 9 classes – 3 of the year 6 months,

the base 11 classes – 2 of the year 6 months.

( form of training -byudzhetnaya)

Training is carried out by state order (budget) with Russian and state languages ​​of instruction.

"Zemleustroystvo", qualification "technician"

What will be taught:

-using surveying instruments (theodolite, nivelir, total station Leika ,electronic rangefinder Disto and CREDO program for processing of geodetic measurements with the aid of computers)

-perform work on the project transferred to the nature

-carry out design work for land management and inventory purposes

-carry out design work for land management and inventory purposes

-design areas for different purposes

-the legal regulation of relations during land

-exercise control of use and protection of land resources of Kazakhstan

Zemleustroytel - it is for topographic surveying specialist, measurements and surveying of land.

Land surveyor is also called the old word "surveyor", and imagination vividly depicts a man with a wooden yardstick, like a compass. With this yardstick surveyors paced back hundreds of years in the fields, calculating their length and width.

But this is not their only function.

The technician is engaged:

Carrying out design and survey works for the purposes of land management and cadastre.

design, Organization and device areas for different purposes.

Legal regulation of relations during land.

Exercise control over the use and protection of land resources and the environment in accordance with the law.

In its work, the modern Land using modern surveying instruments, materials photographing. Exploring the land, he makes his plan, and it reflects in all important features. If the site has some facilities, it measures their area and carefully records the data.

He is on-farm and off-farm land management projects. At the same time takes into account the requirements of environmental and land legislation.

It also controls, observed whether land law by the owner or lessee portion.

Occupation surveyor demand, and therefore well paid. However, this is not an office job. Surveyor most of the time is to travel in the open air.

By their nature, close to the profession professions Surveyor, surveyor and cadastral engineer.


Technician Land is a versatile specialist for:

· in the state of design and scientific - research institutes of Land Management;

· on aerofotogeodezicheskih enterprises;

· at enterprises and organizations, dealing with the economic and legal activities in the field of land management.

· in executive bodies, legislative and judicial branches (the structures of state and municipal management, Rosreestra, land surveying companies, iPCC, departments of urban architecture and town planning);

· in business (organizations, dealing with land expertise, surveying land boundaries, Ecological Expertise of Land Resources, related to the assessment, registration, redistribution, purchase and sale of land and other facilities).

Full-time form of education, correspondence, term training on the basis of general secondary education – 2 of the year 6 months.

Training is carried out on a commercial basis with the Russian language of instruction.

Training period:

the base 11 classes – 2 of the year 6 months

( form of training -trade)

The list of documents for admission:

1. Education document (original)

2. Medical certificate (the form 086 IN) with flyurosnimkom ,vaccination card.

3. 6 photo size (3X4)

4. Passport (identification, birth certificate ) - original and photocopies

5. The document about the attitude to conscription (original) and photocopies

6. certificate of UNT

7. copy of ID card of one parent.

8. Characteristics of school (original)

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