technology Office

Technological department provides training for catering.

Specialty 1226000 - "Technology and Production catering products " It was approved by the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan 3 June 2008 Goda № 273 from.

Qualifications for classification of occupations and specialties of technical and professional education of the Civil Code of RK 05-2008:

1226043 Technician

Qualification of equipment - Technology, Customer Service Manager, our graduates can:

– organize the production halls;

– open any catering on a professional basis;

– monitor the quality of cooking;

– organize exhibitions, Fair-sale of culinary and confectionery products.

Have the right to obtain a license to open a private coffee shop, restaurant, bar.

At the end of college graduates work:

– Business leaders the power;

– Technologists catering;

– production manager;

– administrators of the hall (headwaiter);

– chefs, confectioners qualifications;

– bartender.

What it gives them the opportunity to be an interesting person, bright personality, who knows how to receive guests, nice and original decorate a festive table, organize any kind of banquet and serve him.

Training period:

-the base 9 classes -3 of the year 6 months

( form of training - budget,a commercial)

On the basis of this specialty with 2017 school year, taking into account the demand for monitoring in catering, a new specialty:

508000 catering service

workers qualification:


Training period:

-the base 11 classes 2 of the year 10 months

( form of training - budget,a commercial)


Training period:

-on the basis of post-secondary and higher education 10 months

( form of training - budget,a commercial)

which will ensure the demand for professionals working professionals and middle managers in small and medium business.

The active period is working on contract for passing industrial practices and further employment according function.

Teaching practice, laboratory works, passing the qualification exams for working professions (cook 3-4 discharge, waiter 4 discharge, bartender, baker, confectioner 3-4 discharge) are carried out in laboratories on the basis of college, equipped with modern equipment.

A high percentage of graduate employment shows a high training and competitiveness.