Languages ​​Week

18-25 Petropavlovsk-economic construction in September was the week of the College of Languages. Weekly program a wide range of classes, different form ötkizildi.Aşıq, class hours, radiolineyka, linguistic Olympic, regional, the city took part in the events, etc.. As part of the Week "History lesson”essay contest- Kazakh Khanate 550 anniversary of the Kazakh and Russian groups to study,Constitution of Kazakhstan 20 "Parents Zanym Whateverr" conference dedicated to, Quiz for students and teachers: "The official language is my language" within the week ötkizildi.Tilder the theme of the round table focused on the creativity of Abai, Assembly of People of Kazakhstan 20 anniversary of the "handle-unit cradle of peace" round table ötkizildi.Sonımen this week of the "Big Country,"The race on the last day of the week ötti.Tilder trained a large family of" unity and grace,life-holiday closed the country's "regional XVII festevalimen.

The peaceful handle the unit's round table on the topic "the cradle of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan 20 "Turkish culture" Hasanov, the chairman of the public association devoted to the Dïllyara Gabïdwllovna şaqırıldı.Bul round table in our country the importance of building and maintaining relationships étnïaralıq.

Big country,Big family "expressive reading college students Kazakh race,Russian, English poems written by the sides of their poems of the great poets: M.Zhumabayev , M.Makatayev and great Abai, Pushkin, Byron and modern authors also read poems.
This week, interesting and memorable part of the "grace of unity,life-holiday "regional XVII festevali. World Digital Library of language teachers Kazakh concert,Russian,Tatars,Japanese songs, At the end of the week oqıldı.Tilder best poems in different languages ​​teachers were awarded letters of appreciation from the development of regional languages.