Honoring the jubilee Bukatina VV.

17 November 2017 g. in the auditorium of the Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College was celebrated the 80th anniversary of VV Bukatina, director who worked construction and Economic College in the period from 1984 by 2002 years. In honor of the jubilee concert organized by inviting the guests of honor - Vladimir Litvinenko, Shatkovskoho ML, Kuhar VA, Chufarov V., Radchenko KV.

Birthday greetings V.V.Bwkatïndi.

2017 year 17 Peter and Paul in the auditorium of the College of economic construction in November 1984-2002 During the period from Petropavlovsk construction and economic worked as technical director of the celebration of the first anniversary V.V.Bwkatïnniñ 80. A concert in honor of the owner of the Meretoy, Litvinenko as guests of honor - VV, Shatkovskyy ML, Kuhar VA, Chufarov V., Radchenko KV. invited to.


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