Teacher's Day

Teacher's heart ... Well,, with which to compare it?
With the Galaxy Space, where there are no boundaries?
A can with the sun shining, that gives people the light?
With depths of the sea, that is dormant for hundreds of years?
No, will not compare! And we say: "stuc!
Teacher's Heart - Hope, BELIEVE LOVE!”
Professional holiday of all teachers, teachers and educators - day, which noted the role and contribution of teachers in the process of quality education at all levels, as well as their invaluable contribution to the development of society. Почетной грамотой Министерства образования и науки Республики Казахстан за большой личный вклад в развитие системы образования – Кельба Наталью Владимировну -заведующая технологическим отделением, Sabralina Asiya Zhantuyakovna- Head of the accounting department.