Тренировочные учения

Each year, the college held training exercises on the GO.
aiming, It is to educate students and college employees confidence in the effectiveness of emergency response and the belief in the need to participate in them, improvement of practical skills in organizing and managing activities for the protection of workers and students against the dangers, resulting in emergency situations.
14 November during the training exercises were evacuated 641 students and college staff. Without fuss and panic led by teachers group after group descended to the first floor and organized out on the street in a safe place.
After evacuation for students 1 courses in the auditorium of the teacher-organizer of NVP Alzhanova R.ZH. It was held a lecture on the rules of behavior in emergencies with demonstration videos. Teacher NVP Bergen VP. conducted by donning mask competition among students 1-2 courses. The competition was attended by a girl, student 1 Course - Akhmetzyanova Natalia! The best results showed the following students:
1 a place – Galimzhanov Diaz (2,92 sec)
2 a place – Vitaly Popov (2,98 sec)
3 a place – Boris Solodov (3,12 sec)