WorldSkills Kazakhstan -2017 national regional stage of the championship

2017 year 5 WorldSkills in Petropavlovsk on April Kazahstan -2017 National championship held at the regional stage.
WorldSkills International (WSI) – international non-profit, community, The goal is to improve training and standards for the qualification and status, Increased number of specialties working through international competitions around the world. today, 75 State includes WSI, the world 70% people qamtïydı.
This year's regional championship 8 held on competence, in particular 2016 The first two new competitive competence has been added - compared to the World Championship in hairdressing and web design.
North Kazakhstan the opening ceremony of the championship was a professional teacher training college. WorldSkills Kazakhstan -2017 national championship right in the city college competition will be held on regional stage. Petropavlovsk construction and economic targets college championship 5 held on competence: "Masonry", "Network and system management", "Web design", "Welding Technology" and "cooking" (a photo 1-5).
With respect to participants on a number of culinary events 13 man, - Welding Technology 9 man, web design, network and system management, Masonry competencies 5 to the people.
According to the results in the WSK Championship in Helsinki construction and economical college students 5 of competencies 4 became the winner of competence:
"Masonry" – Roman Shishkin, 2017 A graduate of the year (a photo 6);
• "Welding Technology" – Csaba Ivan 361 The student group (a photo 7),
• "Cooking" – Dubinin Aleksandr, 2017 A graduate of the year (foto8),
• "Network and system management" – 318 Galïkov, a student of Roman (a photo 9).
WorldSkills Kazakhstan -2017 regional championship 2 the honor of the North Kazakhstan region at the end of the period will be made to protect the city of Astana team. The winners of the national championship, joined the national team of Kazakhstan, 2017 year 14-19 Abu Dhabi period from October (QAÉ) "WorldSkills Competition to be held in 2017" will take part in the international championship.